The Missouri Guide Dog User’s, (MGDU), is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization, which supports all guide dog teams throughout Missouri. Our organization provides educational, advocacy and philanthropic resources to Missourians.



Order your food with Chewy and they’ll proudly donate $20 to Missouri Guide Dog Users.
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We have launched another fundraising campaign with Farmstead Nuts and Treats. Given the restrictions of COVID-19, the delivery model needed to change.
Your products may be ordered by:
1. Fill out the form, total your purchase, and mail it to Farmstead with your check.
2 Fill out the form and email it to Farmstead. They will call for credit/debit card information.
3. Call Farmstead at 913-432-3638 to order by phone. Be sure to mention MGDU when ordering.
4. You can go directly to the Farmstead Nuts and Treats website to place an order. With this option, be sure to enter MGDU or guide dogs in the comment section under shipping so MGDU gets credit for the order. Unfortunately the flat rate or free shipping offer does not apply on orders placed this way. Orders over $70.00 will ship for free.
NOTE: Orders for destinations that has temperatures over 70 degrees might be delayed or cancelled. Please check with vendor when ordering.
Remember these treats make great Christmas gifts, and that shipping is free for orders over $70.00. Combine orders with friends or neighbors to get in on the free shipping.